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Urban Showcase

Five of the best urban artists in New York City will be exhibiting their work on Staten Island on Saturday, August 23, at 6 p.m. in the main gallery of the new Staten Island Arts Building, 73 Wave St., Staten Island.

Featured will be artists Juan Carlos Pinto, Nelson Host Santiago, Jeffrey Smith Georges, Echo Nwc and Megan Kindsfather. 


There will be a performances by Dyverse' the 1st, Adonis and Elizabeth Rivera De Garcia


This event is sponsored and hosted by Staten Island photographer Kenneth Paul Graham and artist Liz Marotti.


For more information contact Kenneth Graham at (917) 558-5271.

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Second Saturday Night of Art

Flyer Designed by   Christine Monsees

Flyer Designed by Christine Monsees

Second Saturday Night of Art
Kenly DillardNicole Wilson and Earl Horton

Curated by Liz Marotti
Music by Lu Lake

Nicole Wilson a master of arts, writer, actress, and a Painter! Her painting speak Volumes about women.. Her work reminds me of an artist who went and got a whole bunch of training, and then said you know what, I am gonna paint what the little girl inside of me wants! Her work will tell you secrets if you look long enough! She is an inspiration to me, and i am sure after you see her work for your self you will be just as inspired by her as I am    

Kenly Dillard is a human xerox machine with style. His ability with his pencil is a strength that is unmatched by any cartoonist or artist in NYC. He could capture not only your likeness but a small piece of you on a paper... His movement in his work will take you on a Journey... Are you ready? 

Earl Horton is another one of my Favorite living Artists. He is a photo realistic surreal expressionist. His work will take you into the strange world of his dreams. Sometimes things look so real you could touch them... But then you realize it was all a dream. Earl is an artist, that I personally look up too.. And I know you will see why when you are standing in front of his work!

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Bikini Photo Shoot Workshop featuring model Nikki Giovanni

This is a special, one-day glamour, lingerie and bikini photography  workshop featuring Model Nikki Giovanni. 

Nikki Giovanni is a well-established model, actress, dancer, singer, and songwriter. At the young age of thirteen, Nikki proudly took home the title of 'Miss. Junior New York'. Nikki is a 26-year-old Long Island, NY native.  This stunning beauty is an exotic mix of Bahamian and Italian descent that also carries Austrian, Hungarian, Russian, and Czech in her bloodline.

Nikki Giovanni has quite an extensive resume. She has graced the pages of major magazines worldwide and has also been featured in numerous music videos for major artists such as Kelly Rowland, Gym Class Heroes, Akon, along with many others, and has also made appearances on national television.

Nikki is a rising starlet you definitely want to keep a close eye on, as this woman is on the fast track towards big screen super-stardom. Most recently, Nikki has began revamping her website and she has a reality show set to air by the end of 2013.

nikki lingerie 310 EDIT.jpg

These workshops are open to photographers of all levels, beginners to advanced, though you must be 18-years or older to attend. 

Professionalism is required, we’re there to capture beautiful images of beautiful models. If you have Pocket Wizard remotes, bring them too, though not required as we’ll have our own radio triggers. We’ll work with beauty dishes, soft boxes, reflectors and more, all provided by us!

If you have the passion to create some beautiful, unique images, this is the workshop for you. We accept payments securely through PayPal and have other options if you prefer. This is a first-come, first-serve event as class size is limited. Model releases are optional. This is the early-bird price, prices will go up soon, so don’t delay, book now before it’s too late! Please use the PayPal button below. You must be over 18-years of age to attend.

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